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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are BugVibes™?

A: BugVibes™ is a revolutionary new product line which utilizes electronically controlled vibrations to help ward off many types of garden pests. It mounts to a tree or plant and vibrates, chasing away pests. Originally developed for Japanese beetles, it has many applications at this point.

Q: How does BugVibes™ work?

A: BugVibes™ is a battery operated device that was created to use vibrations to target the pest's "fight or flight," reaction to frighten the pest off. Software aimed at the particular pest vibrates the device during conditions in which the pest is the most active (for example, during night verses during the day).

Q: What pests have BugVibes™ been proved successful against?

A: At the moment: Japanese beetles (good protection), squash vine borer (good protection when used in conjunction with other natural methods), box elder bugs (somewhat effective), mosquitoes (in testing), birds in fruit trees (proven on cherry trees to be effective but with some limited damage where bird damage was previously extensive), and hopefully after more testing- many to come!

Q: What plants does BugVibes™ work on?

A: Some favorites for the use of BugVibes™ are: small/young trees, fruit trees, and herbs. BugVibes™ are great for most small plants and lightweight trees, however it can be used on large trees or bushes with many stems, keeping in mind that you may need a couple more devices. A good rule of thumb is that the branch size should be limited to two inches or so in diameter. Many units can work together to provide a good shield against pests.

Q: Will it work on ___?

A: We are currently testing our products on many different types of insects. If you have any requests please let us know on the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Q: When will BugVibes™ be available to order and what will they cost?

A: More information on ordering coming soon.

Q: I have an interest in distributing your project and/or I’d like more information?

A: Let us know on the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Q: Will it hurt my plants/trees?

A: As long as the plant may handle the weight of the BugVibes™ unit, it should not hurt the plant. Some installations on softer wood have experienced very minor scraping of the bark where BugVibes™ is mounted. This is cosmetic only and only happens when used on soft wood. When used on small herbs, it is important to make sure that the herb does not support the entire weight of the unit.