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Simple, Natural, Chemical-Free Cherries with BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™ - Cherry

BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™ - Cherry is a small electronic device that can be easily strapped to a new or established dwarf cherry tree. Once strapped on, it gently vibrates to help keep birds and cherry pests off the cherries. With BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™ - Cherry’s multiple bug fighting profiles, gardeners can easily adjust from fighting birds and cherry fruit flies in the spring to fighting off Japanese beetles that devastate the trees later in the summer. Growing completely organic cherries is easy!

BugVibes™ Fighting Pests on Cherry Trees

  • When trees are newly planted, they are savaged by Japanese beetles causing trees to die or not grow. Strap on one BugVibes™ to save this new tree and promote root growth through stimulating vibrations.
  • Use one to five units on larger dwarf trees.
  • Use one per every two branches of ¼ to 3-inch diameter for ideal coverage.
  • Exercises tree roots.
  • Most effective when the leaves or branches are able to move.
  • Patent pending.
  • Durable construction. Re-use year after year.
  • 3 configurations available based on tree size.

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BugVibes™ Cherry
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  • Significantly reduces damage from birds, fruit flies, Japanese beetles and other damaging insects.
  • Reduces /eliminates the need for dangerous fruit tree sprays and pesticides.
  • Read the label on your favorite pesticide before deciding!
  • Easily grow cherries on dwarf cherry trees completely organically.
  • No need for GMO modifications to ward off pests.
  • Increase in effectiveness with multiple units.
  • Quickly switch from bird and fruit fly fighting mode to Japanese beetle mode.
  • Plugs in using outdoor power cord for maximum effectiveness against birds and cherry fruit flies.
  • AA battery powered for easy operation on Japanese beetles.

BugVibes™ Cherry has produced early successful results. Join the growing number of farmers and gardeners that are reducing pesticide use and help to verify the initial performance. 

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How to Grow Safe, Organic Cherries for Your Family Using BugVibes™:

Growing Great & Organic Cherries

Growing organic cherries is difficult. Whether you are a gardener, city farmer, cherry orchard grower or organic farmer, you encounter the same problems. Some common problems encountered in growing cherries are shown below. These are solved by BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™ - Cherry. BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shields™ - Cherry can help make growing cherries without pesticides and nets easy!