Japanese Beetles – Population Getting Thicker

The Japanese beetle population is getting thicker now after the cool spring. While BugVibes™ continues to protect many things, attached is a picture of some unprotected raspberries with a good population of beetles.  They say they like to group together.  They are not kidding around!

Japanese Beetles Raspberries

Japanese Beetles on Raspberries

Of course, shaking them off cleared them right out.   They sensed vibration as soon as we were close and began dropping off.  This is the fundamental principal behind BugVibes™.  www.bugvibes.com


For more about Japanese beetles read on:

Beetle species: Popillia japonica. Are about 0.6 in long and 0.4 in wide

  • Four different life stages (eggs, larvae, pupae, adults)
  • First found in 1916 in New Jersey. Have since been found in all states east of the Mississippi river as well as Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Oklahoma
  • Have been known to feed on grass roots, damage lawns, golf courses, pastures, and the foliage, flowers, or fruits of more than 300 different plants
  • Usually live for about one year and are typically the worst in June and July
  • Do not like it below 50°F. Will die naturally or each life stage has a different way of treatment, the most popular being removal (shake above a pan of soapy water) and insecticides

For more about controlling Japanese beetles visit:

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