Peak Japanese Beetle Season

The midst of peak Japanese beetle season is upon us! Have you protected your yard and plants from Japanese beetle devastation?

Japanese Beetle Devastation

Japanese beetle season typically runs from June – September. In June, adult Japanese beetles emerge from the soil and begin feeding. As the adult beetle continues to feed, it grows stronger, mates and lays eggs in the soil and so the cycle continues. Damage can be recognized as shown in the images above—by the lacy and/or sketetonized appearance of leaves.

BugVibes™ vibrates to prevent damage such as this. Simply attach a BugVibes™ – Electronic Plant Shield™ to shield a fruit, tree, vine, vegetable, and control damage from Japanese beetles, stink bugs, and other common pests (works through simple vibrations activating the Japanese beetle’s “fight or flight” response).

BugVibes™ – Electronic Plant Shield™ is not only great protection for your plants, but also a great commodity for organic pest control. This product can be used as an effective alternative to both conventional and organic pesticides.

Learn more at (link also includes demonstrational videos, before/after photos, and studies confirming its effectiveness) or check price/purchase on Shopify.


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