New Video Shows How BugVibes™ Aids in Self-pollination

One of BugVibes™ many capabilities is to aid in pollination. Several important types of plants self-pollinate. Probably one of the most important plants to self-pollinate is the tomato. Each flower has both male and female parts. Self pollinating plants are often pollinated by the wind. However, since tomatoes are often grown in greenhouses where there are no bees or wind, they often have to be shaken to pollinate. Some larger greenhouses resort to renting hives of honeybees. BugVibes™ can do that shaking for you!

Even outdoors if there isn’t a lot of wind or honey bees tomatoes can be less productive. Early testers are producing more tomatoes per vine with BugVibes™. Other plants that benefit from self-pollination include potatoes, peas, hibiscus, and peaches. BugVibes™ can aid in the self-pollination of these plants and many, many more! See for more information on our products or email for free advice on a beneficial system for self-pollination for your particular plants!

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