BugVibes™- Cherry: Grow Cherries Organically without Bird Nets or Cherry Fruit Fly Pesticides

Sick of the hassle of applying pesticides and fussing with netting to grow your cherries? With BugVibes™- Cherry’s multiple bug fighting profiles, gardeners can easily adjust from fighting birds and cherry fruit flies in the spring to fighting off Japanese beetles that devastate the trees later in the summer. Growing cherries on dwarf cherry trees is easy and natural. Just strap on a few BugVibes™ units to a dwarf cherry tree after small green cherries emerge and then pest fighting begins instantaneously.

BugVibes™- Cherry is the newest addition to the BugVibes™ line – specifically customized to fight pests attracted to cherry trees. As the continued debate on the importance of GMO foods, organic foods, and other natural products proceeds, it was important to find an alternative form of pest control for growing food without chemicals and/or genetic plant mutations. BugVibes™- Cherry does just that by attaching to an individual cherry tree and utilizing patent pending mechanical vibration algorithms to target a pest’s “fight or flight” reaction.

Cherries Growing Naturally Organic and Non GMO

Cherries Growing Naturally

BugVibes™- Cherry is a great solution to plants damaged both by pests and netting. Dwarf Montmorency cherries were recently grown by a city farmer without nets. These cherries were 100% organic with no chemicals applied. Very few cherries were lost to birds during two consecutive growing seasons, and there were virtually NO cherry fruit fly worms found in a tree that had previously been infected each year.

Specializing in combating Japanese beetles, cherry fruit flies, and birds (especially robins), BugVibes™- Cherry has been highly successful in initial testing. However, we’d love some additional gardeners, farmers, universities, and colleges to help verify the successful results. We are seeking gardeners around the world who wish to help reduce pesticide use and grow more organic food.

Not convinced yet? Give your favorite cherry fruit fly or Japanese beetle pesticide label another look-over and then decide!

BugVibes™- Cherry will begin shipping March 20th. Order yours now – this is a seasonal product so supplies are limited!

Go to www.bugvibes.com/cherry now to help the world reduce pesticides and become a BugVibes™ – Cherry Early Adapter!

Early adapters get excellent pricing and the chance to verify the results of our initial cherry tests!

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