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Why BugVibes™?

BugVibes™ is the first product of its kind. It’s environmentally friendly and is very effective at reducing Japanese beetles. Unlike Japanese beetle traps and Milky Spore, it actually sends Japanese beetles away from sensitive plants.

BugVibes™ can successfully be attached to plants, trees, and house siding and uses actual vibrations to scare off pests. While it’s very easy to use, internally BugVibes™ incorporates electronics to continuously alter and adjust vibrations on the plants it’s attached to. This allows it to continually adjust to the environmental conditions to make sure that bugs are targeted when they are most active.

While originally developed to fight Japanese beetles, it’s been tested on other pests such as birds, box elder bugs, squash vine borer, etc.

It Works...

Vibrations target the pest's "fight or flight," reaction since vibrations felt through hand/feet/claws/legs/antenna are used to indicate a nearby predator.

One of the most common ways to control Japanese beetles (as most other forms of control show limited effectiveness) is to place a pan or bucket of hot soapy dish water below the plant and shake it. They then fall into the water and die. This also shows that Japanese beetles are turned off by vibrations. After trying this out, this theory also proved to be effective on many other pests.

BugVibes™ chases away the pests from the plants you want to protect, sending them away to those you don’t care about.

A Safer Alternative to Insecticides

Our product uses physical removal and no chemicals whatsoever. Some may be opposed to the use of insecticides:

  • Insecticides not applied at exactly the right time can interfere with plant growth: “Do not use insecticides during bloom. Stone fruits are pollinated by honey bees and other insects. Broad-spectrum insecticides applied during flowering will kill these beneficial insects and interfere with pollination.” (Apricots, Cherries, Peaches & Plums in Wisconsin)
  • Effectiveness has been decreasing: “Pesticide resistance is increasing in occurrence. In the 1940s, farmers in the USA lost 7% of their crops to pests, while since the 1980's, the percentage lost has increased to 13, even though more pesticides are being used. Over 500 species of pests have developed a resistance to a pesticide. Other sources estimate the number to be around 1000 species since 1945.” (Pesticide Resistance, Wikipedia)
  • Our health: “Pesticides are designed to kill and because their mode of action is not specific to one species, they often kill or harm organisms other than pests, including humans." (Effects of Pesticides on Human Health, Toxipedia)
  • The environment- they spread: “Even though pesticides are sprayed on land, many times, they can make their way into a water source, such as a river, ocean, or pond." (http://www.nature.com/scitable/blog/green-science/the_dangers_of_pesticides)

BugVibes™ Uses?

  • Gardeners, farmers, organic farmers, universities, nurseries with Japanese beetle or other pest problems
  • Experimental uses at home: cherry growers, farmers, and to ward off birds and cherry fruit flies
  • Those interested in an safe alternative to pesticides
  • Anyone who places a high importance on organic foods
  • Integrated Pest Management programs
  • Farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and anyone interested in growing fruit/vegetables and/or a healthy looking yard

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Research Backed

The University of Wisconsin has verified its effectiveness on repelling Japanese beetles on potted rose bushes and determined that it could be the latest technology in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  With its advanced technology design, BugVibes™ comes in configurations designed for many different uses and types of pests.